Customer Loyalty Month Success Story Profile

by Jodi Beuder

Customer Experience Sucess Story April was Customer Loyalty Month, and we held a contest to collect customer loyalty program success stories. We wanted to know: What types of customer loyalty programs do companies build? How are the programs designed, and what are the results?
We drew a random winner from the result submissions. Superior Grocery was the lucky winner, and they received a $300 Visa Gift Card for their submission. Here’s their story:

Customer Loyalty Month Initiative, Superior Grocery:

Superior Grocery launched a huge initiative to improve cleanliness in their stores. They know that store appearance is a huge driver of customer loyalty, particularly in the produce/fresh food departments. The increased attention to cleanliness in the bakery, meat, and produce departments made a noticeable impact on customer loyalty. In fact, surveys that Superior Grocery sent out came back with high marks, and sales have reflected an increase in customer loyalty from the new, cleaner stores.

How do you drive customer loyalty?

Customer loyalty doesn’t just happen. To win repeat customer business, companies need to build targeted efforts to win customer’s loyalty, respect, and retention. There are a multitude of factors that contribute to how customers work with your company, are treated, and navigate through their customer journey. In particular, some of the most impactful driver of customer loyalty include:

  • Employee training

  • Customer journey mapping

  • Technology that meets customers’ needs when they’re looking for help (omni-channel)

  • Happy, motivated employees

  • A great working environment

  • Strategic customer loyalty plans

Are you looking for an assessment of your customer loyalty programs? How are your Net Promoter Scores? Do they reflect high customer loyalty? Contact us, and let us do an assessment of your program and help you improve customer loyalty.

Posted on May 11, 2015

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