Facilitator Certification Registration Form

AchieveGlobal constantly strives to support you in your role as one of our Certified Facilitators. To help us keep our records accurate and up-to-date, use this form to

  • register a new certification, OR
  • for an existing certification, to update your name, address, employer, and other information each time those change.

AchieveGlobal Certified status is not permanent. Throughout your career help keep your certification active by using this form to update our records.

Privacy Notice

Your privacy is important to AchieveGlobal, so we will share information from our records about you only in limited cases. Because prospective employers and others contact AchieveGlobal to verify resumes and other claims of certification, we will release your full name, types of certification held, dates certifications were earned, and current certification status to anyone who requests it. In addition, only to the organization you specify as your “Current employer organization” we will release any and all details of your records in this certification database. Throughout your career, you can use this registration form to change who you specify as your “Current employer organization.”

Except as described in this Privacy Notice, AchieveGlobal will not barter, sell, or give away personally identifiable information about you, such as your name, postal or street address, telephone numbers, or email addresses. However, AchieveGlobal may, in certain cases, share with third parties aggregate information about persons registered in the database; provided that AchieveGlobal will ensure that such information will not be sufficient to allow a third party to identify individual persons.

Except as described in this Privacy Notice, AchieveGlobal will not disclose personally identifiable information about you to third parties unless such actions are required to troubleshoot problems with the Web Site, to comply with a court order, to cooperate in a government investigation where authorized by law, or to protect AchieveGlobal’s rights and interests in accordance with applicable law.