Service Ready Core Modules

Leveraging the classic content from two powerhouse heritage brands: AchieveGlobal’s (Stellar Service & CX Series) and Impact Learning System’s Getting to the HEART of Customer Service™ solutions, the Service Ready™ program is an all-inclusive solution focused on honing key customer service skills that your employees need in order to build positive and long lasting customer experiences. The program supports formal learning in the classroom and offers follow-up informal learning material for sustainment of the skills in the workplace.

Products in this portfolio

Building Customer Loyalty presents key concepts to help learners define and align their roles in creating positive customer experiences. Learners explore measures of success and discover how to connect with customers by using emotional energy to their highest benefit.

Mastering Conversation Essentials provides a process and related skills for handling all types of service conversations, both in routine and uncomfortable situations. A service conversation is broken down into four parts to discover ways to enhance the customer’s overall experience. Learners apply guidelines to clarify and meet the customer’s personal needs and, when necessary, are able to deliver unwelcome news.

Strengthening Customer Connections provides learners key concepts that help elevate the importance of each customer’s unique value. Learners work through the use of four key expectations to provide individualized attention effectively.

Navigating Challenging Situations provides learners with a series of tools for defusing and resolving escalated situations. The session focuses on being effective in de-escalation and provides skills to refocus the customer toward the creation of a positive outcome.

Exploring Digital Communications explores the growing importance of digital communication channels and the impact of social media. Increasingly, employees manage in environments with multichannel communication demands. This session focuses learners on skills to increase their effectiveness within multichannel environments and appropriate professional use of social media.

2015 MHI Sales Best Practices Study: Executive Summary

Decoding the Decision Dynamic is the theme of the findings of the 2015 MHI Sales Best Practices Study. Each year, analysis of the study reveals the behaviors that are driving World-Class Sales Performance in today's global business-to-business selling environment.M

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How We Deliver

Public workshops

Our popular public sales training workshops are intense one-to-three-day sales training programs open to anyone within your organization who may have direct or indirect contact with your customer base.

On-Site programs

Through our on-site option, a MHI Global facilitator will work with your sales organization to understand your exact business objectives to deliver a tailored sales training program. Customized materials are available for organizations that wish to incorporate their mission statements and ideologies into presentations used by sales program facilitators.


You may find it beneficial to certify individuals within your organization to facilitate MHI Global sales training programs. MHI Global's Train-the-Trainer programs allow participants to become MHI Global Client Associates by attending an intensive four-day workshop for each selling process to be implemented.


Convenient e-Learning sales training programs are designed for those members of your sales organization that support your sales force, including pre-sales, product marketing, and customer support.

Blended learning

Blended training learning consists of web delivery of the MHI Global concepts, theory, philosophy and approach, followed by an instructor-led classroom experience. Participants gain virtual "text-book" sales training and sales technique knowledge, while taking advantage of the brainstorming and synergy created when salespeople gather in the same room.

MHI Global for Sales Education

MHI Global's world-class sales strategy and sales performance methodologies are now available to colleges and universities.

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